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I am cheerful and friendly as you can view in my smile often.
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My name is Lisa and I am a 22 year old student.

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I am new to this and still learning, I only started in Aug 2019.
Gentle folk.
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Let’s respect each other, dream a small and have pleasure here. If you are in doubt I suggest you inquire before requesting a private show with me about what I do and do not do in it. Also, please be patient with me as I am learning ins and outs of this website still and speaking English is not one of my strong points.
As a woman I am like an abstract painting that even though you don’t fully understand is something that attracts you to it and makes you wanna explore it more, only to end-up surrendering to my charms. If you wonder what I like, well obviously diamonds like every woman lol, but I prefer a smart man who can keep up a conversation, make me smile and to know when is time to let me be myself and just enjoy me.. Yes now I am, talking about the erotic part also. So if you like a mature, clbumy , smart and funny lady to keep you company for a few moments you are on the right room. Pour yourself a glass of wine or why not a cup of tea and enjoy the ride ..I promise you will smile at the end.

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