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Along with the surgeons, Philip Gachassin, M. Our goal is to offer you a personalized program that will help you lose weight and succeed in reaching your goals.

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If it is between 35 and She has worked with bariatric surgery patients since in her undergraduate internship through the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Other methods are very good and many people achieve success with them.

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She is a vital part of our multidisciplinary team and sees patients before and after surgery. But those methods aren't the right solution for everyone, and if they haven't worked for you—in spite of your best efforts—bariatric lose organ fat may be your best chance to lose weight, improve your health, and create a new start for yourself.

Amanda also coordinates the Non-Surgical Weight Loss program.

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Revision surgery is for patients who have already undergone a form of bariatric surgery, and have either had complications from such surgery, have weight loss surgeons in lafayette la co-morbidities, or have not successfully achieved significant weight loss results from the initial surgery.

This excess body fat frequently leads to other health problems, such as Type 2 diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and arthritis. Call today option 1 to reserve diet aid product spot or register online by clicking one of the dates below.

Her main responsibility at LGMC is to manage the bariatric program. Severely and morbidly obese adult patients are considered candidates for weight-loss surgery. He lose weight month plan fellowship trained in minimally invasive and bariatric surgeon.

He is a native of Louisiana and excited to be back home as well as practicing in south Louisiana. She obtained her Certification in Bariatric Nursing in Have you Gained Weight from an Enlarged Pouch? There are many different types of weight loss surgeries, and Lafayette General has the most comprehensive Bariatric surgery choices on the market.

Not only will we guide you through the steps necessary to have bariatric surgery, but we also provide the necessary tools that are fundamental to your postoperative success for many years to come after your surgery. You are not alone. The first step in getting back on track with your weight loss is to schedule a consultation with Dr.

Have you Gained Weight from an Enlarged Pouch?

It is essentially a lifestyle modification program that pursues the best course for each individual. Autin is a native of Louisiana and proud to be back home serving residents across Acadiana. We are glad to have her on our team at LGMC. If you take a close look at what we have to offer, you will find a program that it is unique in its design and scope.

Scheduled visits occur every Tuesday and include sessions with a dietitian, behavior modification educator and exercise physiologist. Our weight loss bariatric surgery program at LGMC is distinct. Autin joined weight bariatric surgery program in In addition, the support staff works with LGMC Wellness at the Townhouse fitness center for exercise and training regimens and routines.

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Following his medical school and residency at LSU, he completed an advanced fellowship training program in New York with a very busy bariatric hospital. Discuss your specific surgery requirements with our Weight Loss Surgery Team.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette incompleted a postgraduate dietetic internship at Louisiana Tech University weight loss surgeons in lafayette la attained a Master of Science in Nutrition from Louisiana Tech University in Among his many procedures are gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, lap band removal and endoscopic revisions which he mastered during an advanced fellowship training program in New York.

Amber has been an employee of LGMC since Moore offers a safe laparoscopic procedure to restore your enlarged stomach pouch or outlet to their initial post-operative proportions. She also coordinates pre and post operative education and organizes the weight loss surgery support group.

Upon graduating ULL, she immediately entered the medical industry. Meet with our Patient Advocate Insurance to determine weight loss surgeons in lafayette la health plan benefits or finance options. We offer preoperative education as well as postoperative support for patients looking for healthier options. Eschete practices both advanced laparoscopic, general and bariatric surgery in Lafayette.

She also scans patient information in their charts and takes payments for surgery, nutrition classes, vitamins and bad debt. First, it depends on a calculation known as the body mass index, or BMI.

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She has been working in the specialty of bariatric nutrition for 10 years and has assisted surgical weight loss patients in Birmingham, New Orleans and the Acadiana areas. If your BMI is 40 or more, you are said to be class 3 or extremely obesity. Prior to joining Lafayette General Health, Kate primarily educated and counseled pre- and post-operative bariatric patients through her private practice which was formed in The bariatric surgery department at LGMC was accredited as a metabolic and bariatric surgeries and quality improvement program.

He is a highly skilled and trained bariatric surgeon. Obesity is a disease in which people have too much body fat. You may also be eligible for bariatric surgery if your BMI is between 35 and 40 weight loss surgeons in lafayette la you have significant comorbid conditions such as Type 2 diabetes or hypertension.

Brooke finds her work very rewarding and enjoys watching the transformation of her patients post-operatively.

Informational Seminars

If it is between 30 and Weight Loss Success Stories Weight Loss Surgery Morbid obesity is a debilitating disease that, by definition, threatens the well being of those suffering from it. As a result, weight loss supplements that work the best may need to eat lose weight month plan food before feeling full.

She assists patients with all aspects of their bariatric care. You must have tried other medically managed weight loss methods. In some patients, the stomach pouch or outlet that connects it to the small intestine can stretch over time. Getting Started Attend an informational seminar see below.

Kate Rountree Registered Dietitian Kate recently joined the team to assist with the medically supervised weight loss program.

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Moore typically performs these procedures endoscopically through the mouth or laparoscopically with small incisions. Eschete joined our bariatric surgery program in Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Nutrition, exercise, behavior modification counseling and support groups, are among the resources offered to insure your success after your surgery.

The seminar focuses on providing you with the knowledge you will need to make an informed decision about weight loss surgery. Traditional open surgery may be necessary if the prior bariatric surgery has resulted in significant scarring. Have you started to regain weight after an initially successful weight loss surgery?

Informational Seminars Join us for weight loss surgeons in lafayette la educational seminar to speak to our surgeons and team of experts about weight loss surgery.

The goal is to help people best selling fat burner 2019 lose weight and keep it off by weight loss surgeons in lafayette la new food choices and habits.

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Our multi-disciplinary weight loss surgery program at Lafayette General Medical Center LGMC was created to help alleviate this problem—assisting patients in Acadiana to live a healthier life.

Inshe completed necessary requirements to receive a certificate of training in Adult Weight Management. Brooke first began working with the bariatric population in If you need wheelchair assistance, please call 10 minutes prior to your arrival. Amanda has been employed at LGMC since and joined the bariatric team in To be eligible for bariatric surgery, you must have a BMI greater than 40, which generally equates to being pounds or more overweight if you're male, and 80 pounds or more overweight if you're female.

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Participants can choose a three-month, six-month or one-year plan. Whatever you're BMI, there's another condition you must meet to be eligible for bariatric surgery: Best selling fat burner 2019 Obesity is a chronic disease that requires lifetime treatment While bariatric surgery is a highly effective solution for long-term weight loss, obesity is a chronic disease and there will be patients who respond well to the initial procedure and those who experience only a partial response.

Moore can perform revision surgery if your primary bariatric procedure has not sufficiently treated your obesity. She has held various positions in these organizations and presented at several academic meetings on the specialty of nutrition for the bariatric patient.

After working many years in the field of fitness and marketing, she returned to Lafayette General to work in the bariatric program.

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  • Our weight loss bariatric surgery program at LGMC is distinct.

She enjoys helping people and is happy to work with this well-organized program. Nichole is very passionate about educating and helping people endure a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Our multi-disciplinary weight loss surgery program at Lafayette General Medical Center LGMC was created to help alleviate this problem—assisting patients in Acadiana to live a healthier life.

If your BMI is between 25 and She navigates weight loss surgeons in lafayette la through their hospital experience, ensuring excellent care pre-op, intra-op and post-op. Tiffany verifies insurance benefits for each patient, schedules all bariatric consultations, pre-operative requirements and surgeries.

Moore to assess if you are an ideal candidate for bariatric revision surgery. Schedule an initial consult with Dr. Eschete by calling Her responsibilities include answering phone calls, making calls to patients to remind them of their appointments, scheduling patients weight loss surgeons in lafayette la seminars and appointments with the bariatric team, office organization and working with the team in assisting various departmental duties.

Her current certifications include:

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