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Weight loss registration form. Weight Loss Registration Form : The Doctor is on the Phone

Photos will not be used in promotional pieces, ads or events without the consent of the participants. If you are only doing the individual challenge and are not participating in the team challenge you will need to report your own loss.

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We will use a team approach to implementing the program. The teams will be ranked through the 9 weeks to lose fat of the challenge by using the weight-loss percentages of ONLY the top six contestants on each team.

Coaches will pick four team members one from each of the four weight categories through a draft. The last weigh in will be held at the nurses office during the Biggest Loser closing program ceremony February 22, at 3: The individual from this group with the highest weight-loss percentage will go to the team in last place and continue in this reverse order manner until all teams have a weight loss registration form team member.

This weigh-in will be used for final results. An exercise specialist will provide group education on proper techniques for healthy weight weight loss registration weight loss registration form, strength building, flexibility and conditioning.

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Emergency Contact Information Name: Each team will start meeting with their coach at Fitness MD. Initial Weigh-In May 29 through May 31, 8 a.

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Photos will not be used in promotional pieces, ads or events without the written consent of the participants. Each individual will have their first weeks weigh in at the CVHS Nurses Office the night of the informational session.

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Screening and counseling for obesity by a primary care provider or nurse practitioner will be covered by most insurers under the preventive services benefit of the Affordable Care 9 weeks to lose fat. At no time will weights be posted or announced. If you cannot make the initial weigh in session please make time to come to the Nurses office 1 stone weight loss in 2 weeks November 30, She can also help you in a private setting if you struggle with emotional eating or compulsive eating behaviors.

Awards will be given at this time. August 10, each team will be required to drop a team member with the lowest weight-loss percentage. There will be multiple classes and campaigns held during the biggest loser challenge. Any team member who quits the challenge will not be eligible for team prize awards.

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There is a schedule of classes in you packet. This is an email newsletter campaign. Limited to two lifetime challenge prizes. Check with your insurance provider to: A registered dietitian RD oversees the dietary component of patient care. The team captain must report pounds lost from each individual, NOT how much each team member weighs. The presenters reserve the right to make changes to the challenge as lose 3 kg weight in 10 days and all committee decisions are final.

Team members who are dropped will be eligible for the non-coached prizes. All contestants not including contestants who self-selected the non-coached individual category will be placed into four categories by weight lowest to highest. Some post-surgery patients may want to enroll in this medical program to maximize their surgical weight loss or to get back on track if they are struggling to maintain the needed lifestyle lose 3 kg weight in 10 days natural supplement to help burn fat weight loss registration form weight control.

Wednesday, May 30, p. Medical Weight Loss Many people desire weight loss, but need professional help to make sure the approach is safe, effective and permanent. The preferred way to report your weight loss each week is through email. Participants will receive a t-shirt, team support, and the potential to win great prizes and adopt a healthier lifestyle!

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Depending on your age, health status, degree of obesity and dietary habits; the healthcare team will help determine an approach to weight loss that is best for you. This is a six-week, one hour per week, course. Members are allotted one initial session and 6 follow-up sessions per calendar year. Five individuals from any team with the most weight-loss percentage will each receive a one-year membership to Fitness MD Gym.

If you have not had your last weigh in by February 22, you will not be eligible 9 weeks to lose fat any of the awards. weight loss registration form

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A FREE healthy luncheon will be provided for participants! Ensure that treatment for obesity is a covered benefit Understand what treatment options are covered and the extent of the coverage Learn if any specific criteria are required for insurance approval Ascertain if ValleyCare is an allowed hospital within your plan Team Members A nurse practitioner NP will perform a medical evaluation, discuss obesity treatment with you and oversee your progress throughout the program.

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She will also guide you on appropriate exercise for weight loss and refer you to an exercise specialist when needed. Participants learn to make healthful food choices and are encouraged to adopt nutrition practices to achieve a balanced weight loss lbs to inches and long-term weight management.

Sometimes, a medication to aid in weight loss is needed to assist with appetite control and dietary changes. She may provide direction and support for the emotional component of behavior change and can help you prepare for the lifestyle changes you will be making.

Registration Form

Checks ready for pick-up by October 1, Team Member Drop NEW process for July 13, each team will be required to drop a team member with the lowest weight-loss percentage. Signature Date Photo Consent: A clinical psychologist will provide group education on the psychological component of weight loss.

The dietitian will perform the dietary assessment in the initial evaluation, assist in developing a meal plan and reshape weight loss cost modification plan, provide information and guidance on dietary concerns and help you plan for long-term weight management. July 9 through 11, 8 a. I also affirm that I am voluntarily participating in athletic endeavors and using the facilities, and further acknowledge that I know, understand, and appreciate the inherent risks of such participation and use ranging from minor injuries such as sprints, to major injuries such as heart attacks, ankle and knee injuries, to catastrophic injuries such as death or paralysis.

Class will rotate between buildings Register by: Motivation to make permanent diet weight loss registration form lifestyle changes is necessary for all patients desiring weight loss and improved quality of life. Most people can achieve their weight and health goals with medical weight loss, though some patients may choose bariatric surgery.

Each of the undersigned further agrees not to bring or cause to be brought any suit or any such claim or cause of action and acknowledges that the releases and waivers referred to herein shall apply regardless of whether liability is asserted on the basis of contract, strict liability, ordinary negligence or gross negligence.

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Furthermore, each of the undersigned intends both that he or she be legally bound hereby, and, in the event of his or her death, that this release and waiver shall be binding on his or her estate, heirs, beneficiaries or any other successors in interest.

If you cannot make it to the closing session please make time to come to the Nurses office before February 22, to do your last weigh-in. Participants receive a participant manual, including recipes.

Each of the undersigned further acknowledge that weight loss registration form execution this Release, Assumption of Risk, and Waiver is continuing in nature, that it is his or her weight loss registration form and voluntary act, that he or she does not intend to participate in athletic endeavors at the Conemaugh Valley Weight loss registration form Eat more lose body fat, the Valley Biggest Loser Challenge until or unless he or she has had full opportunity to inspect its exercise and athletic facilities and to receive all information from the Valley Biggest Loser Challenge that might bear on his or her decision to participate, diets you can do at home that he or she is under no weight loss registration form or undue influence.

A new team member will be appointed to join 9 weeks to lose fat team from the pool of contestants not already on a team. Participants receive one introduction and 8-weekly action-oriented newsletters that contain weight loss registration form, activities and strategies in an easy-to-read style that demonstrates how to make healthy eating simple and fun.

I assume full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages from participating in athletic endeavors and facility use, which may occur to me as a result of such participation.

The successful weight loss plans four team members will be randomly selected also one from each weight category through a blind draw process. If you cannot make it to this event please make time to come to the Nurses office before the closing program.

Interested participants will have their name put onto a ticket, and teams will be formed by drawing names out of the hat. You will receive the newsletter via email from Joanne Peschock 8 Related documents.


The NP will meet with you regularly and monitor your health as you are losing weight. How each insurance company does this is individually determined. Anyone whose body mass index BMI is 25 or greater can be considered for this weight loss program.

Attendance at these classes is not mandatory, but great information will be covered that will aid in your weight loss goals. Calculate your BMI here. Each week your team captain needs to report the weigh loss of each individual in your team.

Authorization for the Use or Disclosure of Protected Health Information