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He crushed every single workout. Shailene Woodley portrayed Oldham and went through rigorous training to build the strength necessary for sailing.

10 Famous People Who Lost A LOT Of Weight Really Fast

The exact amount of weight Collins lost is unknown. So, of course, he lost sixty pounds for his role in The Machinist. Matthew McConaughey said he most weight loss actor 38 pounds for the role, E! Let us know in the comments! We tried a beginners level once and nearly fainted. Pratt, who was close to pounds at his heaviest, was paired up with a trainer to help him bulk up and slim down for the part.

This well-known rapper shocked us all with his transformation.

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That food item ended up being chicken breast. This resulted in the actor, who is best known for his roles in Love Actually and Taken, becoming overly frail and sickly looking.

Would you be willing to sacrifice your figure for extreme weight gain? As a result, the actor said his metabolism suffered for years after. She wanted to look as desperate and starved as Fantine was supposed to be.

Before the movie started filming, Hathaway put herself on a cleanse. Finally, with a strict diet, he got down to pounds. Even if an actor is at a healthy weight already, they'll make themselves an unhealthy weight if they think the role is worth the effort and risk. He simply decided to look like Thor.

However, she went through a major diet in order to look both unhealthy and overly thin. Bale ended up getting as low as almost pounds by the time the movie ended. Chris Hemsworth said there were days when all he ate was one boiled egg, a couple of crackers, and a celery stick.

Portman lost the weight by eating barely anything on a daily basis. He credited the weight loss to good old fashion exercise and eating right. The character he was portraying was supposed to "always be hungry," both literally and figuratively.

The film was heralded by critics, and this actor transformed for the role. While the actor dreamed of eating cheeseburgers, he said he wouldn't have been able to actually eat more than half of one if he tried. Back in the beginning of the how can i lose my bra fat, he was known as the silly, somewhat pudgy, fun guy. A love for fresh and healthy Japanese cuisine, particularly most weight loss actor, has helped the actor stay on track.

Hemsworth lost 33 pounds in just four weeks for the role due to back-to-back scheduling with Avengers: Sharing a photo of his dramatic transformation just this weekend ahead of the movie's release next month, he wrote: Eating so few calories is no easy feat — but Michael Fassbender knew he had to do it to accurately portray Bobby Sands in Hunger.

Rooney Mara While Mara has admitted that she didn't keep track of how much weight she lost for the role of Lisbeth Sanders in 's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," it's clear it was quite a bit. Read More Of all the actors who had to pack on mass for a movie, few in recent memory have taken to the task with such zeal, and notable success, as Chris Hemsworth when he landed the part of Thor.

Unfortunately, he needed to gain weight for Batman Begins right afterwards and ended up eating his weight in pizza and ice cream to do so. Directed by Ron Howard, In the Heart of the Sea is based on the real story how to clean burnt fat off stainless steel a whaling ship being sunk by a giant whale.

This actor was hospitalized for his new diet.

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And though she lost the weight under direct supervision, fans grew concerned over her shrinking frame, USA Today reports. Leto ended up developing gout, which forced him into a wheelchair for a period of time.

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Don't have 6 months? If that isn't bad enough, his organs also shrank and he was almost in need of medical attention. All he had to do was get off the couch and get running—just a little bit every day. Most weight loss actor already slim actor ended up losing 30 pounds before production began, then another 20 pounds during the course of the film.

However, he wasn't so used to the diet part that came with losing weight. She attributes her most recent weight gain to a severe candy and soda habit. In the movie, Hathaway portrayed Fantine. Holly Madison All photos Former Girls Next Door star and Peepshow leading how much weight could you lose in 9 weeks Holly Madison took a multi-prong approach to weight loss after packing on 19 pounds in just 18 months!

With a little guidance in terms or what to eat and what not too eat, Hill has been able to maintain his slim physique. Franklin didn't cite her mysterious December health scare; instead, she attributed her success to pictures that made her realize that she was "entirely too fat. She uses the food delivery service Freshology, which provides 1, calories a day.

This actress did the complete opposite of Portman.

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He did this by only eating calories a 30 day juicing plan for weight loss. Tom Hanks Tom Hanks wore how can i lose my bra fat little pair of pants to show off his slim physique in Castaway.

In he got downright gaunt for the film "The Machinist," where how to lose stomach fat without diet lost 63 pounds. She starved herself to play this iconic role. The actor lost less weight than his other cast mates, but his change was a lot more obvious.

Those around him said that he was always grumpy and aggravated, though Gyllenhaal would apologize and blame his hunger as the reasoning. I was losing 7lb every week.

#1 Chris Hemsworth, Thor

But the fact that she could touch her index finger and thumb around her bicep clued us into how small she was. She said, "I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film Now Thor star Chris Hemsworth has become the latest actor to go to extreme lengths for his part in new movie, The Heart of the Sea.

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See our list above for 16 actors who lost shocking amounts of weight for movie roles. But it also required a serious physical transformation. How'd he do it?

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15 Celebrities Who Went on Extreme Diets for a Movie Role

There are even plenty of well-known actors who have lost so much weight for just a single role on the big screen. Natalie Portman She's always been petite, but to portray a ballerina in 's "Black Swan," Portman lost 20 pounds by training up to eight hours a day.

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This actor credits chicken with helping him lose an extreme amount of weight. She had to put on a massive amount of muscle for this role. All you saw was bone. While Gyllenhaal has had experience bulking up for films like "Prince of Persia: Gerard Butler You might not be able to see Gerard Butler's face in the opposite picture but that's him alright.

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And, as the Oscar-winning Texas-born star now reveals, he achieved the extreme weight loss on little-to-no food — making him bad-tempered, not to mention ravenous. However, being younger and more of a fat loss supersets in Hollywood, less people cared about him than about Neeson.

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What made her look so drastic is that she was arguably slimline enough before losing weight. Since he was still on the show at the thirty plus weight loss pills, Parks and Recreation made fun of Chris Pratt's weight loss. Mariah Carey All photos After putting on 30 pounds during her pregnancy with twins Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah Carey felt pressure to lose the weight fast.

Christian Bale Bale might be the king of weight loss in the name of a good movie role.

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This actress looks way different now than she did in this iconic role. All in all, Hilary Swank had to put on 23 pounds of pure muscle for her role as a boxer. Kim Kardashian is the picture of healthy weight loss success. Kim Kardashian All photos Kim Kardashian fat? When on tour the slender singer turns to Zumba for cardio.

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