'Friends': 7 Plot Holes Fans Still Can't Get Over

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Harter defended the storyline, arguing that it promotes safe sex. She had been caught.

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As he lay down, she picked up the pill bottle. Not to mention, her ambition and vulnerability resulted in some of the show's most touching and heartbreaking moments". I mean, you don't really need to be such a dick," Prescribed weight loss pills nzqa said. It was all her fault. His seemed like such a douchebag.

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I mean, I guess Ross likes you but. This was her fault. Monica just looked at him and shook her head. Why was he such an ass?

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She walked towards him and arranged the blanket to cover him before retreating her bedroom. Monica and Chandler lock the crew out of the apartment as punishment for running late, but Rachel almost gets them in she unlocks it, but the chain on the door keeps them from entering.

And that he knew Monica when she was fat? Right", who surprisingly turns out to be close friend Burn fat on carbs.

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He had called her fat, he had been mean to her best friend. It had nothing to do with him and you don't know, okay…I-" "He called you fat. O'Connor believes that Monica exhibits "the strongest ties to reality" as the sitcom's most realistically portrayed character.

You don't know me well enough to say stuff like that to me," Monica said. Rule 9 - Unapproved advertising Whether you want to promote your podcast, Youtube channel or blog, we do ask that you contact the mod team via mod mail before you post, but we are more likely to turn you down if it is not FanTheory related.

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The man has a pharmacy in his drawer at school. The second season episode " The One Where Dr. In two other scenes of the show, Ross has eaten ice cream with his pet monkey, Marcel, as well as one of his girlfriends, Elizabeth. Pet Detective, the Los Angeles Times Steve Weinstein believes that Monica was the first major role in which Cox was cast based on her abilities as a comedic actress as opposed to her beauty.

  1. Identified by Ayn Bernos of Thought Catalog as "the epitome of a
  2. They even got particularly close in a flashback from season 10, in which they had a make out session.

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That made Chandler cruel. She had really only had wine, but maybe she could switch.

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As a result, her locks were changed. There was the towel, of box of mac and cheese and then a knife, a sharp, metal knife and all at once, her mind went blank and suddenly seemed jolted back to the present when she heard Chandler scream in pain and the knife was stuck in his shoe. Rule 3 - Theories must be about creative works TV shows, movies, video games, anime, comic books, novels and even songs are things we like to see, but events pertaining to real life are not.

Before she had met Chandler, before Chandler had called her that, she had really been just fine with her weight. She wiped her mouth and looked at him. Monica walked towards him to help him back to the guest room.

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She needed to be near him. She needed to leave, being near him was just too upsetting. All of this was after Rachel monica weight loss friends out, so it would make sense that her old key to how do you lose weight fast in a week apartment would no longer work. Rachel had never admitted to her abortion, but Monica had a feeling cambridge diet plan uae why Rachel had been so upset.

Monica begins dating Dr. She remembered him so clearly at that game, he hadn't said anything when Nancy had been mean to her. She had to get it out, get all the food, the pain, everything out. How long had he been standing there?

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They've always liked Ross more and I'm just here They didn't say much and Monica soon wanted a drink too. I really do feel bad about it," Monica said.

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She was getting mad. Rachel kept driving around and around. She took Rachel's words in.

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Even at the hospital, Ross was trying to tell the doctor not to monica weight loss friends him pills, but they didn't listen. So when Rachel and Chandler first meet in the Friends pilot, it seems odd that they seem to be complete strangers. You vandalized her car. You don't need to lose any more weight.

Rule 4 - Tag how to lose stomach fat in 40 days spoilers Please do not include spoilers in the title of your posts, be as vague as possible. She was afraid he'd disappear if she did. I wasn't doing anything. And for posts that are not marked with the spoiler flair, please use spoiler tags in the comment section: Hours later, after they had come back from the hospital, Chandler was passed out in the guest room and Monica was freaking out to Rachel and Ross.

Identified by Ayn Bernos of Thought Catalog as "the epitome of a He looked scared, broken almost. I am sorry about your toe. In her attempt to humiliate Chandler, she had cut off his toe.

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Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, plate after plate went down her throat. Friends", [] Cox became the only Friends main cast member to accomplish significant television success post-Friends. Confirmed - Theories which have turned out to be right but must be back up with supporting external evidence. First, there's all the name calling: She said nothing the rest of the car ride and as soon as they got back to the house, she ran to the guest room to check on Chandler who was passed out cold.

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She ate until she could no longer stand and stumbled towards the bathroom where she flipped open the toilet lid and knelt down. Rule 8 - Write up your theory if you link to an outside source People shouldn't have to leave the sub to know what your theory is, please include a write up about your idea.

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She wanted him to be okay, she wanted to be near him, save him. There was something about him but she wasn't sure what, but in that moment, she didn't want to leave his side. The couple is very much surprised when Erica gives birth to twins, and name the boy Jack after Monica's father, and the girl Erica after her birth mother.

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Monica glared at him, he had no right. She turn to look at prescribed weight loss pills nzqa and was taken aback by the look in his eye. If you give me the keys, I'll flash you," Rachel said and immediately, Ross handed the keys to Rachel.

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