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The bedding in cages should be changed frequently.

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Urinary calculi are more common in older females. However, vitamin C is not a stable ingredient, and food not used within 90 days of the milling date is unsatisfactory. Elongation of the cheek teeth can also cause the mouth to stay open which is known to cause the masticatory muscles or chewing muscles to essentially stretch and the mouth cannot close.

The feet may become ulcerated and infected by Staphylococcus spp. Butterfly catheters are helpful when giving subcutaneous injections.


Preventive measures are not well known7; however, alfalfa hay is sometimes thought to contribute to the formation of urinary calculi because of its high calcium content. The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents, ed 3. After the guinea pig is anesthetized, the teeth can be trimmed with a Dremel tool Dremel, Mount Prospect, IL or a slightly abrasive burr.

Systemic antibiotic therapy using enrofloxacin has proven effective.

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Guinea pigs with a past history of illness and weight loss, should be considered for daily weighing. Healthy guinea pigs are bright-eyed and alert and may appear tense or nervous at presentation.

It can be genetic, a lack of fibre in the diet in the form of grass hay, infections, trauma, jaw disease and bone disease. Give him fluids and contact a veterinarian. These conditions may require treatment, depending on the cause.

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Preventing problems before they occur is essential to the health and well-being guinea pig sudden weight loss these unique animals. It is always a great idea to have a bottle in the cupboard in case of an emergency. Clinical Medicine and Surgery, ed 2. Please ensure that any heat pads you place in your guinea pigs cage they can easily walk away from if the heat become excessive.

Adding medication to food or water may alter the taste enough to lead the animal to refuse to eat and drink, as can the stress of hospitalization alone.

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Weigh your guinea pig on a weekly basis. Never expose your animals to any dangerous sources of heat. Affected animals are at an increased risk for secondary bacterial infections. Urinary Stones Small stones can form in the bladder or urethra and obstruct the outflow of urine.

Eyes Guinea pigs can get cataracts and pink-eye, but humans can not contract pink-eye from them. Recommended antibiotics for guinea pigs include chloramphenicol and enrofloxacin.

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For example, if the behavior is caused by stress e. Signs include slobbering, weight loss, and moist dermatitis. Keeping the food refrigerated is recommended. A guinea pig with heat stroke should be bathed with cool water to begin reducing its body temperature. Weight loss is one of the first signs of illness.

This product may also interact in life threatening ways with other medications a consumer may be taking.

A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to the development of scurvy within 2 weeks. It contains many of the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre required how to lose arm fat in 24 hours a guinea pig cannot eat or has difficulty in eating. A lack of vitamin C in the diet may contribute to malocclusion; guinea pig sudden weight loss, this the best fat burner on the market seems to have a strong genetic component.

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Prior to treating a guinea pig, it is important to be familiar with normal physiologic data for these patients. Fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C, such as oranges, kale, and dandelion greens, should be fed daily.

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To is fastin over the counter the same as prescription happy and healthy pets give them a proper diet, fresh water, and a clean, safe habitat with toys for exercise. Polar fleece bedding offers a soft, easy and comfortable walking platform to allow ease of movement. Inflamed Feet Inflamed feet is caused by using wire mesh flooring or abrasive bedding material. The front incisors can also continue to grow as the teeth are not wearing down at a normal rate.

A sick pig is quiet, listless and dull. Scurvy can be prevented by feeding the animal a high-quality guinea pig diet supplemented with vitamin C.

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