14 Simple Ways to Stop Eating Lots of Sugar

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Some dried fruit also contains high quantities 5 day diet quick weight loss added sugar. Condiments and sauces such as ketchup can have as much as 23g of sugar in g — roughly half a teaspoon per serving. Or you could eat a smaller portion and add some chopped fruit, such as a pear or banana, which is an easy way of getting some of your 5 A Day.

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Greek yogurt with cinnamon or fruit: Here are some better, lower-sugar drink options: Avoid Sugar-Filled Breakfast Foods Breakfast cereals are among the worst when it comes to added sugar. Written by Alexandra Rowles, RD on May 22, Eating too much sugar is one of the worst things you can do to your body. These are prepared foods that contain salt, sugar and fats, but also substances not usually used in home cooking.

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When you're trying to cut your sugar intake, it's often better to choose the full-fat version instead. If you're stuck between choosing 2 desserts at the supermarket, why not compare the labels on both packages and go for the 1 with the lower amount of sugar.

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She planted a vegetable garden in her backyard and cooked all of her meals ahead of time to make sure she always had healthy fare on hand. Aim for foods that have 3 grams of fiber or more per serving. Avoid canned foods that are packed in syrup or have sugar in the ingredients list.

Read Nutrition Facts Labels To cut sugar from your diet, reading ingredients labels on your food is key. To see if a food has sugars added, you will need to check the ingredients list.

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If you currently rely on foods like rice, bread, pasta, fruit and cereals for a large proportion of your daily calories, you can end up feeling extremely hungry, leading you to eat more eat less sugar lose weight other types of food. Naturally sweet and full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. This superfood is high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

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Switch to these low-sugar breakfast options instead: A can of soda contains about 38 grams of sugar and calories. Herbal or fruit teas: Always read the label to be sure you are choosing the lowest-sugar option.

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Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! I had to build that awareness in myself that was what was happening. Can be bought or made and is a good replacement for sweet chili sauce. Your body does not recognize calories from drinks in the same way it does from food.

Employ the following tips to help reduce your intake: However they can only ever count as a maximum of 1 portion of your 5 A Day. Breakfast Many breakfast cereals are high in sugar. Like some fizzy drinks, fruit juice can be high in sugar.

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